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I am Deron Campbell, the owner of this Website. On this Website you will be able to find everything android related, ranging from android tutorials to the latest android news. Growing up I have always had a passion for technology, specifically android technology. I am the type of person to always be on my android device trying to find new tricks that can be done. Whenever I found something new, I would show my new discovery to my friends and family. They became fascinated by the power of an android device and wanted to learn how to do these different android tricks. I would proceed to show them the power of the android operating system. As a result of discovering some of these android tricks, I decided to create a YouTube channel so I could not only show these android tricks to my friends and family, but to people from all over the world. I have been creating android videos on my YouTube channel since 2015, so I decided to step up from just creating videos, to making a website to show all these android tricks. That is what led to the creation of this android website. With the combination of my YouTube channel and my website you will be receiving all the latest android news as well as android tutorials and tricks.