How to Stop Lag on Android (Speed up Your Android Device)

How to Fix Lag On Android Device

Lag on Android devices have always been a problem for many android users. If you were able to go back to the first time using your android device after purchasing it, you would realize that it was a lot faster. This is a problem that many android users face, because over time their device starts to slow down which can be really frustrating. This lag may not occur overtime, but can also be caused by the user. No need to worry, in this guide I will be showing you how to fix lag on android device and boost the speed of your Android device. Once you complete this tutorial your device should be lag free and will be running as new.

How to Fix Lag on Android? Step by Step Guide

Step 1
Download Trimmer Below.

Download trimmer

Step 2
Grant Trimmer Root Access.

Step 3
Select Trim Now.

How does Trimmer work?

Trimmer allows you to trim your device NAND Chip Manually which may improve your device storage speed exponentially. In order to use Trimmer your device have to be rooted. Because of how NAND chips work, they became slow after using it for a while. Trimmer assist to to run trim on your device manually if you feel like your device is lagging.