How to Fix Lag on Android: Speed up Your Android Device

What Causes Lag On Android

Lag on Android devices has always been a problem for many android users.

If you were able to go back to the first time using your android device after purchasing it, you would realize that it was a lot faster.

This is a problem that many android users face because over time their device starts to slow down which can be really frustrating.

This lag may not occur over time, but can also be caused by the user. No need to worry, in this guide I will be showing you how to fix lag on android devices and boost the speed of your Android device.

Once you complete this guide your device should be lag free and will be running as new.

How to Fix Lag on Android? Step by Step Guide

Step 1
Download SEFix Below.

Step 2
Open SEFix.

Step 3
Click on Ultra or High.

How does SEFix work?

It is as easy as that to reduce the lag on your android device and get your device to run a lot faster.

Keep in mind, that root is required in order for this app to work. You may be wondering how does this app work to reduce lag?

The way these app works is that there are 4 performance levels. The higher you set the performance level, the less lag you will encounter when using your device.

What it does, when it is set to the highest level is that it reseeds the entropy pool a lot faster because the entropy runs out frequently.

As a result of the entropy running out frequently, processes reading from the device might stop responding.

The processes are not able to continue until the Linux Kernel repopulates the entropy pool.

This app modifies the wakeup threshold of the system to update random values whenever the entropy gets too low.

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