How to Get iOS 11 Emojis On Android: NO ROOT with Skin Tones

Have you always wanted to get iOS 11 Emojis on your Android Device but your device is not rooted?

Then you are at the right place.

There are 70 newly added characters and 239 new emojis including the genders and skin tones of each emoji.

iOS 11 Emojis New Release

The most popular emojis that were added are the smileys. There are 9 new smiley emojis added to the list and a lot of improvement on the previous emojis. 

9 New Smileys for iOS 11 Emojis

We all use emojis throughout the day when we are having a conversation to express ourselves. Regardless if we are using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

There are all different type of emojis, each of these social medias might have their own emojis. Different android versions, also has different emojis.

Android emojis might not be the best, because they are a not really expressive. In my opinion I think iOS emojis looks a lot better than most of the other emojis out there.

So, in this post I will be showing you how to get iOS 11 Emojis on android device without root, as well as how to get the different skin tones.

How to get iOS 11 Emojis on Android: No Root (Step by Step Guide)

Step 1

Go to your settings then security and enable unknown sources.

Turning on Unknown Sources on Android
Enable Unknown Sources in Security

Step 2

Download iOS 11 Emojis File Below.

iOS 11 Emojis TTF file for Android
Download iOS 11 Emojis TTF

Step 3

Install iFont and ES File Explorer Below.

Download iFont from the Google Playstore

Step 4

Using ES File Explorer, Move the iOS 11 Emojis File to the iFont Custom Folder.

Moving the iOS 11 Emojis ttf file to the iFont Custom Folder

Step 5

Open iFont and select My, then click on My Font.

Open My Font and Select My

Step 6

Select the iOS 11 Emojis File and Select Set, then Apply Font.

Select iOS 11 Emojis ttf, Select Set and then Apply Font.

Once that is complete you should have the iOS Emojis.

Now that you have the iOS 11 Emojis, you want to change the skin tone of the emoji.

Step 7

Download Gboard Below.

Download GBoard from the Google Playstore

Step 8

Open Gboard and Complete the Setup.

How to Get iOS 11 Emojis on Android using Gboard.
Open Gboard and Complete the setup

After Gboard setup is complete, you will have the iOS 11 Emojis on your Android Device.

I hope you guys enjoyed the step by step guide on how to get iOS 11 Emojis on your Android Device without Root as well as how to get the different skin tones.

iOS 11 Emojis on Android
Showcasing the iOS 11 Emojis


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If you found this useful then feel free to share this guide with your friends. You can also leave your reply below, if you are having any problems getting this done and I will try my best to assist you.