How to Use Lucky Patcher on Android (Full Tutorial)

Lucky Patcher is an app that has multiple purposes. This app analyzes the list of installed apps on your device and indicates the different actions you can carry out.

You are able to remove the license verification included on a lot of apps. Using Lucky Patcher you can modify the associated permissions, extract the apk and change the permissions.

This app can be used with or without root, but if your device is rooted you will be able to take full advantage of this app.

Once you have lucky patcher installed you will see a list of all your games and apps. It has indications to show you what you are able to do with the app.

Lucky patcher is an app that gives you real control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your android device.

How to Use Lucky Patcher? Step by Step Guide.

Step 1: Download Lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher Below.

Installing Lucky Patcher

Step 2: Features of Lucky Patcher

These are some of the features you can use with Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Features

Step 3: InApp and LVL Emulation Feature

Using the InApp and LVL Emulation Feature.

Step 4: Patching Successful

Patch Success.

Lucky Patcher Successful Patch


If you want to see all the other features, then be sure to watch the full video. 

Lucky patcher is a great app that gives you absolute control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your android device. 

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