How to Play PSP Games on Android without a PC

PSP Games without PC

Have you always wanted to play your favorite PSP Games, but you don’t own a PSP? You are at the right place. PSP is a handheld game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. PlayStation was launched in 2014. To this date many of us including myself still enjoy playing some of the classic PSP Games. The PSP actually became the most powerful portable system when it was launched. In this step by step guide, I will be showing you how to play PSP games on Android without a PC using the PPSSPP Emulator.

How to play PSP Games on Android without a PC. Step by Step Guide

Step 1
PPSSPP Emulator Below.

Download ppsspp emulator

Step 2
Go to settings, then security and enable unknown sources.

Step 3
Go to

Step 4
Go to the downloads section and download Cube Test Program.

Step 5
Open PPSSPP Emulator and go to the download folder.

Step 6
Open the Cube Test Program.

Once the Cube Test Program opens and the cube spins, that means PPSSPP Emulator will work on your device.

Step 7
Go to CoolRom or EMU Paradise below to download PSP Games.

Download psp games from coolrom

Download psp games from emu paradise

Step 8
Download 7Zipper Below.

Download 7zipper

Step 9
Open 7 Zipper and Extract the Game Zip File you downloaded.

Step 10
Open your File Explorer and Move the ISO Game file to the PSP Game Folder.

Step 11
Open PPSSPP Emulator and Go to the Game Folder.

Step 12
Open the Game you downloaded.


You should be able to play the PSP game on your Android device from there. I hope you guys enjoyed the step by step tutorial on how to play PSP Games on Android without a PC. If you found this useful then feel free to share this tutorial with your friends. You can also leave your reply below, if you are having any problems getting this done and I will try my best to assist you.